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4 Tips For Having A Successful Craft Show

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If you make homemade goods and are planning on attending a craft show, it is essential that you are fully prepared. The way you approach customers, how you set up your booth, and the items you choose to display can all make a big difference. Here are some tips for having a successful craft show.

Have a Quality Banner Created

One of the ways other people will be attracted to your craft booth is with your banner. The banner should be large and clear, showing visitors what it is you make or sell. They need a reason to stop at your booth, otherwise they might move along. This banner can either be placed above the booth near the top of your tent, or at the edge of your table. You should use big, clear letters for your business name, along with some tidbits of information about the products you make. It is a good idea to visit a professional for full color printing and have it custom-made as the quality will be more impressive to others at the craft show.

Place Items on Different Levels

Another great way to improve your craft show is by changing how items are displayed. It is tempting to put everything out flat on the different tables you have in your craft both, but this makes it hard for people to view what you have. Try to have things placed horizontally, where they are standing up or higher on different platforms. You can get small storage cubes of different heights that are covered by fabric and then have items on top of them. Some items will be laid out on the table, some on these cubes and other items that raise them up, and some hanging on hooks.

Introduce Yourself to Everyone

Every time someone stops at your booth to have a look, approach them and introduce yourself. You don't want to be too pushy with people, but just let them know you are there and available to answer their questions. After introducing yourself, give them some space to look around and see what you have. If someone seems to be confused, it is okay to offer your assistance, but nobody wants to be bombarded when they are just trying to shop.

Host a Giveaway

A great thing to do at your craft show is to host a giveaway. You can do a raffle where every time someone visits your booth, they put their name and phone number on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it in a large bowl or container. Near the end of the show, you can pull a paper from the container and call them up to let them know they won something.