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Fun Things To Add To A Celebratory Banner

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If you are hosting a surprise retirement party for someone at your place of business, having a large banner announcing this endeavor is a great way to get a smile from the guest of honor when they walk into the room where the event will take place. Instead of resorting to a plain banner, try some of these unique tricks to enhance the banner with a surprise of its own.

Add Extra Personalization

Instead of using plain text on the retirement banner, add some personalization for the person retiring by putting some pictures of them right on the sign. These can be random shots taken throughout the years for all to enjoy and reminisce about with the person leaving the company. Check company photo files for pictures of the retiree and enlarge them through a photo editing program if needed. Physical photographs can be enlarged by using a copy machine. Have an employee collect the enlarged pictures of the guest of honor and laminate them before adhering them directly to the front of the banner with tape or glue.

Give A Surprise From Above

Imagine the surprise the retiree would have if they walked into the room, saw the banner, and then saw a burst of confetti fly down from above. This could be obtained by attaching a small plastic cup of shredded paper to the backside of the banner. Accomplish the surprise by taping a loop of yarn directly to the back side of the banner. Slip the cup into this loop so it stays in place. Punch a hole in the rim of the plastic cup and string another piece of long yarn through it.

Have someone hold onto both ends of the long yarn from off to the side of the banner. When the guest opens the door and sees the sign, have the person holding the yarn pull on it to release the cup from above. The cup will come tumbling down along with the confetti. Make sure no one is directly in the path of the cup as it is pulled so they do not get hit with it during the presentation.

Make A Keepsake

Before hanging the banner for the party, have all employees sign it with a special message for the retiree. This should be done with permanent markers so the words used will last for years to come. This will be a great way to send of the employee with a remembrance of each employee in the company.

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