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How To Help Your Kids Earn Money This Summer

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Doesn't it feel like the school year just barely started? The end of this school semester in most areas is just weeks away and then summer fun will begin. The beginning of summer work, too, for kids who want to earn some spending money and even enough money to put into a savings account. If you want to help them make some serious cash, more power to you. From increasing their baby sitting jobs to plastic card printing, here are some ideas that might inspire you and your kids to create a summer plan.

Traditional Jobs - Standby jobs are still good, but pre-teens and teens can be more sought after when they've done some pre-planning. Here's some examples.

  •  If your child loves kids, he or she is probably already planning on a summer of babysitting and kid tending. There's still time to take the Red Cross baby sitting classes where your kids can learn CPR and other life-saving skills. They'll even get a certificate that proves they've taken the classes. Parents will definitely be interested in hiring your kids! Later they can use these skills if they apply for a job as a life guard.
  • Selling cookies and lemonade can be a thing of the past. See if your kids would be interested in taking cake decorating classes before the end of the school year. They can make some pretty good money by taking orders on things like birthday cakes, Fourth of July cakes, anniversary cakes and cup cakes for all occasions. And, if they're really good, the sale of even one wedding cake would be quite lucrative.
  • Mowing lawns is another great way to make money. But, your children can earn even more money if they learn how to do some basic landscaping. A local nursery will probably let your kids apprentice. They will be able to learn basic things like which plants do best in the sun and which plants do best in the shade and which plants are perennials. 

Be sure to get your kids business cards that indicate what their extra skills are.

Plastic Card Printing - Have you noticed that plastic cards are just about everywhere you turn? Consider buying a small desk top plastic card printer for your kid's own home business. Don't let the size of this type of card printer fool you. Your kids can use it to make serious money right from your home.

  • A good way to start off is by learning how to use the card printer and then making their own business cards. Passing out their own cards to extended family members, friends and acquaintances will be an excellent way to show how great a plastic business card can look.
  • Another idea is to print personalized gift cards and to give them to teachers with a small gift at the end of the year. Those teachers will probably show them to coworkers in the lunch room, and orders may come from that.
  • Your kids can also make some sample coupon gift cards to show to businesses in your area.

The great part about this type of business is that, except for the paper and ink, there won't be added expense to produce the plastic cards your children will be selling.

Have a family meeting and do some brain-storming together. Be ready to make suggestions for things your children can do and then let them come up with ideas of their own.