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Keeping Your Vinyl Trade Show Sign In Pristine Condition

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If you plan on enrolling your business at a trade show or sales exhibition to promote products, a trendy vinyl sign or two can make your booth stand out from others, enticing potential customers to come over to see your wares. When the event ends, caring for any vinyl signs you had purchased will allow you to reuse them again in future shows. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your vinyl trade show signs last for many years to come.

Avoid All Abrasive Materials

When displaying a vinyl sign, it is important to keep abrasive materials from scratching its surface. If your show is outdoors, place the sign so it is partially in your booth enclosure, so any high winds do not blow material onto it, making it dirty. This will also help protect it from event participants from bumping into it, possible causing damage to your sign as a result. Never rub a paper towel, sponge, or gritty cleanser across the vinyl as it can scratch off coloring and leave behind unattractive markings in the material.

Spot Clean The Vinyl Often

To reduce the amount of dirt that builds up on a vinyl sign from normal wear and tear, take the time to clean it after each event before placing it into storage. This can be done with a mild cleaner made especially for vinyl surfaces. Check out your local hardware store to find a cleaner made for vinyl objects. This can be diluted with water according to the package directions and applied to the sign using a piece of microfiber cloth. Use another piece of dry microfiber cloth to remove any remnants of the cleaner after rubbing it into the vinyl. Allow the sign to sit for an hour or two before storing it to make sure all moisture is eliminated.

Store Your Sign Properly

When it comes time to put your sign away, store it in a container so it is not at risk for ultra-violet light exposure. This could fade the lettering, leading to a sign that appears worn out. Do not fold your sign as creases in vinyl are very noticeable and difficult to remove. If your sign is made from a thin material, roll it up and place it inside a canister for safekeeping. If the sign is too thick to roll, place it in a large, flat cardboard box. Place a piece of felt over the lettering to help protect it from rubbing off of the sign. Tape the felt in place before placing the sign in the enclosure.

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