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Your Business Needs to Take a Second Look at Custom Apparel Benefits

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Custom t-shirts are ideal for various uses. If you own or manage a business, you might be overlooking ways that you could use custom tees to benefit your organization. The following are a few options that you might be overlooking.  

Advertising and Branding

Some businesses do not have enough capital to hire advertising agencies. They might not even be able to afford to invest in a billboard advertisement. With custom t-shirts, you will be able to have "walking billboards" in a sense. This is because every time someone wears a t-shirt with your business on it, they are giving your business added exposure, which could attract new customers. T-shirts can also aid in brand awareness because you can feature things such as your business slogan or mascot on the t-shirts. 


If your business requires casual attire, you could save money by allowing your employees to wear custom t-shirts as part of their uniforms. You can even get long sleeved shirts for colder temperatures. Perhaps your business is in an office setting. You could opt to allow employees to have one dress-down day weekly or monthly. You could even use the casual dress day strategy as a means to encourage camaraderie and encourage your staff to reach goals. For example, you could allow them to dress in casual attire for a day if they reach a certain sales or safety quota.

Awareness to Cause

Some businesses contribute to various charities. Perhaps your business is related to a non-profit organization. Custom t-shirts can be used to bring awareness to specific causes you support. They can also be used to bring awareness to conditions and illnesses that affect your employees or their families. You can use the t-shirts to raise money for these individuals to donate to charitable causes. You might also be able to raise money within your company for them to cover medical expenses or other things that are causing them financial difficulties. 

Other Options

A custom t-shirt company like American Screen Graphics is a good resource to use to discover more ways you can use specialty t-shirts for your business. They can also use ideas you have to create custom apparel solutions. For example, you may want to extend beyond the realm of t-shirts and offer employees custom hats or polo-style shirts. There are a number of other features you can request too. For example, you can opt for embroidered shirts rather than screen printing for certain apparel items.