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Starting Your Own Small Dog Walking Business? 2 Tips To Get Four-Legged Friends To Walk

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Starting a dog walking business is a great idea as many people work outside the home and have dogs that need to be walked each day. To help get your business off and running and get a lot of four-legged friends to walk, below are two tips on how you can get the word out about your business.

Give Out Custom T-Shirts

Have custom t-shirts designed with your company's logo and your business information, such as name, address, and phone number, put on the shirt. You may want to put a type of image on the shirts, such as a dog, to make them noticeable. Even though you may be the only employee, you can pass out the t-shirts to your family and friends and ask them to wear them periodically while they are out shopping or running errands. Don't forget to purchase kids' t-shirts as well. They can wear their shirt to school where other parents and teachers will see it. Purchase colorful t-shirts so they will be more noticeable by people.

You can find custom t-shirt designers online. On some websites, you can create the shirt on your own and then choose to have it printed by the company. In other case, you will let the company know what you want and they will design it for you.  

Use Online Resources

Many people look to the Internet when they are looking for a service or for something to purchase. Because of this, you need to advertise your business online. You can do this by posting to a variety of social media pages. Many of these websites allow you to create a business page and you then it is up to you to get followers. If you already have a lot of friends on your social media sites this will not be difficult to do.

A large benefit of using the Internet is the word can spread very quickly. For example, one friend may see your business and tell someone else about it. That person may use your services and tell one of their friends about you and it keeps going.

A website is crucial for your business. Even if you already have one, you may need to improve on it. You should consider hiring a web designer to create a great website for you. They will know how to use the right colors, images, and videos on your website. They will also know how to use SEO so your website will be listed on the first page of the search engines.

Following these tips may have you turning dogs away because you will become so busy.