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3 Tips To Increase Return On Investment With Direct Marketing Mailings

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Return on investment (ROI) is a critical concern when doing any marketing, especially direct marketing mailings. Since you will need to invest additional money, such as mailing costs, when doing direct marketing, you need to pay careful attention to your strategy to increase the likelihood of turning your investment into revenue.

Invest In Quality Mailings

The features of your mailings can easily influence visibility, perceived value, and generate interest. First, your mailings need to stand out among other mail pieces, such as bills and other advertisements. You can accomplish higher visibility by creating mailings that are larger than normal or that are an unusual shape. Additionally, producing mailings on laminated cardstock also increases visibility. This tactic makes the mailing slightly heavier and thicker than other mail pieces, which can add extra attention to your mailing.

Consider Your Demographic

When planning your marketing, you should consider your demographic or segment your audience and create different mailing for each. For example, if you sell used and new vehicles, it may be futile to send mailings to lower-income households that focus on luxury vehicles. Your ROI would be better if you segment your audience and focus on specific types of vehicles based on what you know about income level. Segmentation also increases the personalization for each recipient, which can make them more likely to consider what you are promoting. Other ways you should segment your audience is by using different tactics for new and returning customers. For returning customers, you should emphasize sales or other promotions because you appreciate customer loyalty.

Include A Call To Action

Adding a call to action can encourage recipients to be engaged with your mailing. Depending on your type of business, you might encourage recipients to call, text, or visit your website. It is increasingly popular for businesses to include a QR code on their mailings to make it easier for people to visit the website. Another good tactic is encouraging people to text your business because it works almost like a mailing list. You can send sales or promotions to people, which also has the impact of keeping them engaged with your business. Using short codes is an excellent way of learning more about which marketing strategies are working for your business. When more people are using a specific short code, it shows that people are more engaged and responsive to a specific mailing or other advertisement.

Your ROI can hinge on different factors in your mailings. Using a combination of methods to increase visibility and engage people will yield the best results.