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Helpful Tips For Using A Direct Mail Campaign To Promote Your Handyman Business

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If you work as a handyman, you might be accustomed to providing various home maintenance and repair services for people in your community. You might already have some great customers, but right now, you might be looking for ways to grow your business. There are a variety of different ways that you can promote your handyman business, but one option that you might not have tried yet is launching a direct mail campaign. If you're interested in using direct mail as a means of promoting your handyman business, these tips can help.

Keep Costs Down

If you run a small handyman business, you might not think that you have enough money in your advertising budget to pay for this type of campaign. However, there are ways that you can keep your costs down. For example, using postcards for advertising your business can help you save on both materials and postage, therefore making your direct mail campaign a lot more affordable.

Send Direct Mail to Everyone in the Community

If you haven't done so yet, consider launching a direct mail campaign that involves sending out advertisements to all of the homeowners in your community. There is a good chance that your handyman business isn't well-known in the community yet, especially if you have just launched it or if you have kept it small so far. Soon, though, you might start getting calls from homeowners who need your help.

Send Advertisements to New People Who Move to Your Community

Even if you aren't ready to take on a full direct mail campaign that targets homeowners all over your community, or even if you have recently done one of these types of campaigns, you should consider sending out advertisements to the people who move to your community. Many people who are new homeowners don't know who to call if they need help with home maintenance or repairs later on, and some might be looking for people who will help them with things like hanging up pictures or making minor renovations and improvements before they move in. By launching this type of direct mail campaign, you can easily let these newcomers to your community know about your business, and you can even be an important part of helping them get settled into the community.

Use a Direct Mail Campaign Service

You could be thinking about trying to handle your direct mail campaign on your own, but using a direct mail campaign service is going to be better in most cases. Then, you can focus on all of the work that you are bringing in for your handyman business, and you can make sure that your direct mail campaign is handled and executed properly. Contact a company that provides direct mail campaigning services for more information.