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How to Avoid Ink Bleeding When Printing Polyester T-Shirts

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Business owners sometimes turn to polyester long-sleeve T-shirts because of these clothing items' durability, comfort, and versatility. T-shirts are convenient clothes that most people wear, so it makes sense for your business to sell them. But if you want to customize your T-shirts, you'll also need to turn to a screen printing service so you can customize your shirt.

Reasons to Sell Polyester T-Shirts

T-shirts are often used as promotional items because a customer effectively becomes a walking billboard for your company. You can give your T-shirts away to build a better customer reputation. T-shirts are also convenient to transport from one location to another, such as if you are heading to an event and will be handing out your shirts.

Overcoming the Dye Problem

The great thing about polyester T-shirts is that they are comfortable, durable, and can resist fading and wrinkling. While they have many excellent characteristics, they can also be challenging to print because of dye migration. Conventional dyes migrate and can lead to the polyester shirt being dyed in an unintentional manner.

The Right Dyes for Your T-Shirts

The types of dyes popular with most T-shirts will not work with polyester shirts. Instead, it would be best to have low-bleed ink or ink that blocks the dye. These are plastisol inks with special additives that create a barrier to prevent the ink from bleeding. Dye-blocking inks either neutralize or mask the dye color. However, a business must use a different type of mesh screen to use these types of inks.

The lower mesh screen and heavier ink deposit give this type of ink better coverage. As a result, your T-shirts will look much better.

How to Order T-Shirts

Like most T-shirts, polyester T-shirts use screen printing. You must create a stencil of your design and then apply ink to the fabric. This is done to make a much more crisp image that should last a long time, depending on the type of ink that you use. 

Fortunately, contacting a polyester long-sleeve T-shirt screen printing service to order your shirts is simple. You'll have to supply them with information such as the color you want the T-shirt to be, the design placement, the colors you want to use, the quantity, and how soon you need your order finished. Then, you can supply them with your graphic. Some companies will design the graphic, so you can use them as a one-stop shop for your polyester T-shirts.