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Create The Best Labels You Can For The Baked Goods You Sell

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If you are someone who loves to bake, consider selling your baked goods at a local flea market. Many people do not take the time to place labels on their baked goods, but a label can give any item a more professional look. Learn how to make great labels for your baked goods with the guide that follows.  

Create a Nifty Name

The first thing you need to do is to create a memorable name for your company. You want for people to be able to tell one another what the name of your company is so other people can easily find you in the flea market when they want to buy your products.

Make the Labels Eye Catching

You want to be sure that people can easily identify the differences between your products. You could make each item have a label with a unique color or image. You want for people to be able to easily find the baked good they are looking for so that you can keep business moving and sell to as many customers as possible in the limited time you are at the flea market.

List the Ingredients

On the labels, be sure that you list the ingredients that are found in each baked good. There are some people who have allergies to some items that can be found in baked goods and listing the ingredients directly on each label will ensure that you do not have to answer questions about what is used in each item over and over again throughout the day.

Include Contact Information

Lastly, you want to be sure that you include contact information on the labels. There are some people who may think that your baked goods are so delicious that they want to order large quantities of the items for an upcoming party or event. You could list an email address, phone number, or even a website where people can make private orders when they need to.

Have the labels printed in mass quantities to save money on the overall cost of the labels. Be sure to have the labels printed with a sticky back so that you can simply peel a paper backing off of them and stick them directly on the baked good packaging. Be sure to place labels on every item that you sell so that you can rest assured that every person who buys a product can know what is in it and how to contact you to be able to get more.