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Why Bloggers Should Have Business Cards

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When you are a blogger, you assume that everything you do is digital. While your business might be run nearly always online, not all marketing is done online. You might come across someone at the grocery store who you strike up a conversation with, and wants to know what your blog is. This is one good example of when you should have a business card with you.

They Are Handy During Corporate Events

Business cards come in handy when you attend corporate events like blogging conferencing or local trade shows. These types of events not only provide you with information about your industry or blogging in general, but they can also provide you with networking opportunities. You might meet other bloggers who want to work with you, potential sponsors for your blog, or simply meet people who you would like to exchange information with. The easiest and most effective way to do this is by having a business card that states who you are, what you do, and where they can find you online.

You Can Hand Them Out to Anyone and Everyone

You will come across many opportunities to let people know about your blog. The problem is that they might not remember the name of your blog or don't hear you when you tell them the website address of the blog. Without a business card to give them, this means you have a lot of lost opportunities. When you are a blogger, you should always have some cards with you to hand out to people who seem interested. This can be anyone from a friend or family member who don't know about it to someone you meet in the grocery store who expresses an interest after striking up a conversation with them. Treat your blog just like a business and always be prepared to share your business card.

You Can Give Them to Businesses

You might also want to use your business card to give to other businesses. There are many opportunities to do this, such as if a business has a bowl on their desk where you put in your business card to enter a raffle or giveaway. Another option is when there is a local business with a bulletin board that accepts business cards. Others that are visiting that salon, gift shop, or shoe store will see the different cards while waiting at the counter and might glance at yours, then become interested in your blog. Contact a business that specializes in custom printing for more information.