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Tips For Troubleshooting Copier Flaws

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If you've recently invested in a copy machine for your office space, understanding how to troubleshoot common issues can save you significantly in repair costs. For example, if you're struggling with black lines appearing on your copies, it doesn't necessarily warrant a service call. There may be a solution that's easier than you think. Here's a look at what you need to know about isolating the source of those errant lines on your copies.

Are There Flaws On The Original Document?

The first thing you should look at is the original document. While this might sound like common sense, what many people don't think of is the fact that seemingly subtle or insignificant flaws can actually be exaggerated on a photocopy. Look for even a faint line or flaw on the original that might be causing the problem. If there is one, you can reduce the appearance of that line on the copies by  adjusting the brightness and contrast in the printed copy.

Is The Copier Glass Clean?

The copier glass is another common source of errant lines on photocopies. If there's something on the glass surface or dust beneath the glass, that can interrupt the light used to produce the copy. You'll want to clean both sides of the glass to ensure that this isn't the source of the issue. Start by cleaning the top with a copier glass cleaning solution.

Use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface so that you don't leave anything behind. Lift the top of the copier so that you can get underneath the glass. Use a lint-free cloth treated with the glass cleaner to ensure that there's nothing on the back of the glass either.

Is There A Problem With The Toner?

Copiers that rely on toner will have a waste compartment that collects any wasted toner powder. Make sure that you check that compartment regularly by sliding it out of the copier. Dump any toner accumulated in it. If left to build up, the toner can get into other areas of the copier.

The toner used inside a copier is such a fine powder that it can get into most any nook or cranny if the cartridge isn't handled properly. If toner dust was introduced to the transfer drum, fuser or rollers, that's likely to cause the lines you're seeing. Cleaning this type of mess will require a service technician.

If these steps don't help you resolve the problem, you'll need to have the entire copy machine inspected and serviced. The technician may be able to spot other internal issues that you might not see.