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Creating Stunning Giveaway Bags For Your Company's Clients

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Giveaway bags, or swag bags, offer a fun way to thank your clients for their business. Making your giveaway bags special can be easy if you know how to put them together. Use this guide to create stunning giveaways your clients are sure to appreciate and remember.

Bag It Up

The actual bag is the first thing your clients will see, so be sure it sets the tone for what they will find inside. Matte laminated Eurototes come in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to find the right bag for every occasion. You can have the bags printed with your company's name and logo, which ensures your clients know exactly who the gift is from. Select bags in one of your company's colors, or for holiday gifts, go with a festive red, green, or silver. Choose bags with ribbon handles for an elegant finishing touch.

Get Tissue Paper To Match

You can have colored tissue paper printed to coordinate with the bags. This adds to the branded look of your gifts while also showing your clients that no detail is too small. Use the tissue paper to protect the contents inside each bag, and add some extra to the top of the bags for a beautiful presentation.

Select Fun Bag Stuffers

What you put in your matte laminated Eurototes is just as important as the bags you choose for your giveaways. Consider a combination of delicious treats, such as bags of gourmet coffee or boxes of chocolates, to make the gifts special. You'll also want to put some branded merchandise inside the bags. Custom-printed power banks are handy gifts for tech companies to give out, and leather portfolio folders with your company's logo embossed on the front are ideal for corporate clients. Don't forget to put a few smaller branded items in the bags, such as pens or custom-printed sticky notes, to give each gift bag a full appearance.

Say Thank You

As a finishing touch, you'll want to add a thank-you card to each bag. You can have custom stationary printed for your bags, but be sure to include a hand-written note inside each card. By taking the time to create hand-written notes, you can show your clients you truly appreciate their business.

Giveaway bags are ideal for thanking a new client, celebrating the holidays with the companies that support your business, or simply showing your clients they are important to you. Use these ideas as inspiration, and create custom bags for your best clients and customers. For more information, contact local professionals like The Bag Ladies.